3 Causes of Strange Heat Pump Odors in Orlando, FL

Your heat pump should help heat or cool your home, but it shouldn’t affect how your home smells. Therefore, if you detect any unusual odors from your vents, your system is signaling an issue. Below, we will discuss some heat pump odors in Orlando, FL, and what they mean.

1. A Burning Smell

Your heat pump may produce this smell when the rubber coatings of its wires burn due to electrical issues. If you don’t use your system for long periods, dust may accumulate on its components.

As the dust burns when you turn on your system, you may smell a burning odor. The scent should disappear after a short time after all the dust burns.

Also, if your heat pump overheats due to excessive friction, there will be a burning smell. The rule of thumb is to shut down your heat pump whenever you detect a burning smell to prevent fire from breaking out. Proceed to request a technician to repair it.

2. A Musty Odor

If you notice a musty smell lingering in your living space, it likely means biological contaminants are growing somewhere in your heat pump. The pollutants flourish on moist surfaces, such as the evaporator coil. Also, if there are openings in your ductwork, the contaminants can enter and grow there.

Besides producing a foul smell, biological contaminants also release spores that can cause poor indoor air quality and symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, throat irritations, headaches and runny nose. Schedule maintenance services to have all your components cleaned and any leaks sealed to help eliminate pollutants.

3. A Rotten Egg Smell

As the temperatures dip during winter, small rodents and birds seek warm places to shelter from the brutal cold. They may enter your system’s outdoor unit and become trapped. If they die in there, it produces a rotten smell.

You may also smell a rotten egg odor if there is gas somewhere else in your home seeping into your ductwork. Schedule a technician to check out your ductwork and determine the cause.

Whenever you detect an unusual smell, don’t ignore it because the damage may worsen the longer it remains unattended. We excel in keeping our customers comfortable and providing excellent customer service. Call Blue Star Air Conditioning immediately for exceptional heat pump installation and repair services in Orlando, FL.

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