3 HVAC Issues Common in Historic Longwood, FL Homes

If you live in an older residence in Longwood, FL, you might encounter challenges related to your HVAC system. Though they may seem minor, HVAC problems in older homes can grow into significant issues if not dealt with promptly. Here are three common HVAC problems that can emerge in aging residences.

1. Inadequate Indoor Air Quality

Your home might have poor indoor air quality due to old construction materials in the walls and ceilings. Asbestos, once widely used, was only later revealed to pose health risks even in minimal quantities. Furthermore, older homes frequently rely on kerosene heaters without proper ventilation systems.

The scarcity of ventilation in tightly sealed, older dwellings constitutes a significant concern for indoor air quality. Harmful airborne contaminants can infiltrate through cracks in walls and floors, making it harder for your HVAC system to keep your indoor air clean.

These contaminants can give rise to various health issues, including respiratory ailments and allergies. The best thing you can do to address indoor air quality concerns in older residences is to modernize your AC system.

2. Leaking Duct Systems

Your home’s ductwork is crucial in distributing chilled air from the HVAC system. Over time, aging ducts can develop cracks, allowing air to escape into walls or ceilings.

Consequently, the HVAC system expends valuable time and energy heating or cooling air that doesn’t actually condition your home. This leads to unnecessary higher monthly energy costs.

3. Blocked or Dirty Ductwork

If you don’t have them cleaned regularly, older duct systems can accumulate dust, dirt and pet hair, distributing these contaminants throughout your living space. Not only that, but those contaminants can inhibit your HVAC system’s airflow, leading to many of the same issues you see with leaky ductwork.

Your home should be your comfort zone. Don’t hesitate to contact Blue Star Air Conditioning for top-notch HVAC maintenance services to keep your home comfy.

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