3 Reasons to Choose a Variable Speed AC in Longwood, FL

As the winter draws to a close and the weather begins to warm up, your thoughts may turn to your AC. Given the sweltering Longwood, FL, summer days you’ll see in the near future, you might even wonder about the kind of AC to get. Here are three major reasons why upgrading to a variable-speed AC is a great idea.

1. Energy Savings

A variable-speed AC can operate at different intensity levels, changing things up to best match system behavior with whatever current weather conditions require. If your AC works harder when the weather is hotter and less intensely when things begin to cool down, it will use energy much more efficiently, which results in energy savings without any loss of comfort. That means that you’ll save money on your energy bills.

Since the unit will cycle much less, it will also require less maintenance. However, scheduling a tune-up at least once a year is still a good idea. Regular tune-ups will help to maximize system life.

2. Greater Comfort

Because they don’t cycle in the traditional way, variable-speed ACs can better keep you comfortable. Their continuous operation helps to smooth out temperatures across your home and remove hot and cold spots.

3. Better Air Quality

Single- and two-speed systems typically only run when the thermostat commands them to do so and remain off the rest of the time. Variable-speed ACs, by contrast, run continuously, though at different strengths. This means that in variable-speed systems, the air filters are always in operation and never stop filtering and cleaning your air.

Variable-speed air conditioners can bring many benefits to homeowners in Longwood, FL, and we’ve only managed to scratch the surface of what they can offer you here. Upgrading can put you in an excellent position to handle the summer. Call Blue Star Air Conditioning and ask for AC installation services today.

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