Do I Need a New Thermostat in Longwood, FL?

It’s easy to forget how important your thermostat is to your comfort until it starts malfunctioning. Watch out for these key warning signs that could mean you’re due for a thermostat replacement in Longwood, FL.

Incorrect Temperature Reading

Your thermostat’s settings determine how often your HVAC system kicks on during the day. If your thermostat can’t accurately read the temperature, it may turn your AC on too often or not enough. Along with struggling with uncomfortable comfort changes, you’ll also have to deal with higher energy bills and HVAC strain.

Irregular HVAC Cycles

Your thermostat may not be able to efficiently communicate with your HVAC system if its internal wires have become damaged. This can result in long cycles or very short ones that can’t maintain your home’s comfort. The longer your AC has to tolerate unhealthy cycling, the more likely you’ll have to call for HVAC repairs.

Excessive Monthly Energy Costs

Outdated thermostats often can’t follow your settings or accept temperature changes. They’ll turn on your HVAC systems at random, skyrocketing your costs month after month. An overworked AC will cycle several times more than usual every hour, consuming more energy and adding to your expenses.

Older Than 10 Years

The average thermostat will last about 10 to 15 years before it needs replacing. At this point, the thermistor, or the part that reads the temperature, along with other components will wear out and grow inefficient. New thermostats boast great features like the potential for smart compatibility and more flexible comfort preferences.

Upgrade your home’s comfort this fall with a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat. These modern systems will have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency and climate control. Call Blue Star Air Conditioning, LLC. to learn more about our thermostat services in Longwood, FL.

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