How to Maximize HVAC Efficiency This Summer

Soaring temperatures in Winter Park, FL, mean you must get the most out of your HVAC system to ensure your family’s comfort. Here are six ways to maximize HVAC efficiency to beat the heat and stave off high energy bills.

1. Change Air Filters

Changing air filters is a simple task that enhances the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. Clogged or dirty filters trigger asthma and other respiratory attacks, restrict airflow, and downgrade your system’s performance.

2. Block the Sun

Closing your blinds or curtains blocks the sun’s heat and eases the strain on your air conditioner. Research shows you can reduce heat gain between 33% and 77% depending on the type of window treatment. Additionally, an awning can lower heat gain between 65% and 77%.

3. Monitor Your Outdoor Unit

Ensure proper airflow by cutting back shrubs and vegetation and removing trees and debris around your outdoor unit. Shade over the unit decreases the workload on your entire HVAC system, but be sure it doesn’t interfere with airflow.

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

Bumping up your thermostat one or two degrees reduces the workload on your AC and lowers energy bills. A programmable thermostat increases HVAC efficiency by automatically adjusting the temperature based on your daily routine.

5. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans circulate air and create a cooling effect. That means you can turn up the temperature without a noticeable difference in comfort.

6. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The most effective way to maximize HVAC efficiency is to schedule an AC tune-up. Preventive TLC identifies potential problems in their infancy and reduces the chance of unexpected breakdowns.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy HVAC contractor, call Blue Star Air Conditioning. Our top-notch maintenance services ensure your AC system delivers outstanding efficiency and stands up to the rigors of the summertime heat.

Image provided by iStock

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