The Basics of Heat Pumps in Longwood, FL

Did you know you only need one HVAC system to warm and cool your home in Longwood, FL? It’s true! Learn how heat pumps provide an all-season solution for every indoor comfort challenge.

The Basics of Heat Pump Technology

Like traditional air conditioning systems, heat pumps use the classic refrigeration cycle of compression, condensation, and evaporation to cool your indoor environment. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

  • As the liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it extracts heat from the air, leaving it feeling cooler.
  • A blower collects the cooled air and disburses it through fans or ductwork into your living spaces.
  • The refrigerant gas travels to the compressor, where it’s squeezed until the temperature turns hot.
  • The hot gas then enters the condenser, which allows the heat to dissipate and turn the gas into a liquid.
  • The liquid refrigerant returns to the indoor evaporator through a small valve, transforming into a gas again.
  • The cycle of refrigeration continues until room temperatures match the setting on your thermostat.

Reverse Operation

Thanks to recent innovations in HVAC technology, most heat pumps today can provide heating and cooling. A reversing valve installed near the outdoor unit’s compressor has the ability to change the direction of the refrigerant flow. When switched to heating mode, the system captures waste heat from the compressor and moves it indoors.

Energy-Efficient Comfort Systems

Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, they operate up to three times more efficiently than fuel-burning systems. They also use up to 50% less energy than electric-resistance heating systems such as baseboard heaters and electric furnaces. Saving money on energy bills is just one of the reasons that heat pumps are surging in popularity. Federal tax credits covering up to 30% of the cost help too!

At Blue Star Air Conditioning, we offer a wide range of cost-effective heat pumps, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! For more information, call us today!

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