Why Thermostats in Longwood, FL Go Into Recovery Mode

Homeowners in Longwood, FL, who see a recovery mode alert on their thermostat may worry about their HVAC system. This is understandable as the hot and humid summer approaches, but there’s usually no need to worry. Here, we explain a thermostat’s recovery mode and the reasons for it.

What Is Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is a feature commonly found in modern thermostat models. Often, it’s indicated by terms like “smart recovery” or simply “recovery.” When your thermostat enters this mode, it tells you that your HVAC system is working to adjust your home’s temperature.

Typically, the system enters this mode when it has been turned off or is in an energy-saving mode, allowing it to gradually bring the temperature back to the desired level. It tells the HVAC system that it’s time to resume operation. Here are three additional reasons why it may enter recovery mode.

Temperature Adjustments

Making manual temperature adjustments, especially to a different level, can prompt the thermostat to enter recovery mode. It allows the thermostat to return the temperature to the original setpoint gradually.

Your smart thermostat may also try to create a new schedule based on the manually adjusted temperatures. This can result in your thermostat going into recovery at different times.

Equipment Optimization

Some thermostats use recovery mode to increase the system’s efficiency. This mode initiates heating or cooling cycles earlier than normal, helping the HVAC system reach the desired temperature.

This is especially true when you want varying room temperatures at specific times of the day. Your programmable thermostat may go into this mode to produce multiple temperatures, such as transitioning from warmer mornings to cooler nights.

To Show It’s Working

If you see that your thermostat is in “recovery,” it is usually just telling you that the system is working and actively controlling your HVAC system. That means it’s either returning the temperature to a preset level or activating learned occupancy patterns and temperature preferences.

Is your thermostat frequently going into recovery mode, or are you considering upgrading to a new air conditioner? Contact Blue Star Air Conditioning to upgrade your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with an HVAC system installation in Longwood, FL.

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